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Deep sea fishing in Phuket is a popular activity enjoyed by experienced fishermen and first timers as well. The nearby fishing areas of the islands Racha Yai, Racha Noi and the Drop Off provide some excellent game fishing year round.

Some of the fish species caught include Dorado, sailfish, mackerel, tuna, and barracuda and marlin. You can see the seasonal catch below.

Good Catch Chances he often asked question.

The catch success, as is fishing always an unknown. Some days are full action, some days are quiet. Most days do provide a good catch and everyone is very happy with their day out. When I get the chance to go out I always expect to catch fish. When I book a guest for a day fishing, I expect a good catch. The boat operators are the same.
Occasionally I receive a complaint about the join on charter after a day without luck. The fish were not biting. We always try hard to catch fish. The crew benefit greatly and rivalry between boats is strong but we cannot control the fish. Often we see the sail fish lazing in the sun but they will not take a line. Our captains use the years of local knowledge but if the fish will not bite, it is just one of those days.

Perhaps if you miss the big one, the chase was on and fun. A great part of Phuket fishing is the enjoyment of being on the water, cruising a scenic coast and out among tropical islands with crystal clear water and brilliant reef fish that eat from your hand. Maybe not the perfect day but a really good day anyway. You will be happy.
The fishing and snorkeling in Phuket is on par with some of the best fishing destinations in the world. You have the chance to hook a very good fighting fish. The thrill of a life time!
You will never catch a big one unless you try! Here is your chance now. Get the group together and it is a very cheap day out with transfers and lunch etc.


Overnight charters start at 30,000 baht for 2 day and 1 night to the Racha Island area , anchoring at the island . Night fishing is available also.

The next boat is Thaion and is 56 foot and very well presented. She is 60,000 baht for 2day/1 night.

Please go to boat information for details

While on your Phuket holiday, why not experience a fun, exciting but relaxing day on the water to explore one of the beautiful island destinations... or just fish!!!!!


Thai Traditional Fleet.

I represent the fleet of boats owned, operated and crewed by our local Thai residents. These families have been fishing for generations in this Thailand region. The crew members are friendly but often shy due to limited English skills. They can communicate well enough for fishing and boating but general conversation is difficult for them. They are certainly very friendly, competent and willing to assist when needed.

THE BOATS: (Thai Fleet numbers P #) These traditional Thai boats are roomy, sea worthy and functional Thai design for serious fishing or leisure island exploring, fishing and snorkeling.

Functional simplicity allows this Phuket boat charter to be a budget price holiday activity for families, singles and fishing-mad pros too!

MORE BOATS: Higher Price but good value for good boats.
I also represent several higher standard fishing boat operators with prices ranging from 23,500 to 94,000 baht for a private charter boat for a day. See them below.

INCLUSIONS in all charter
All charters and join-on trips include return hotel transfers ( from the main areas), gear, lunch, fruit, water, soft drinks, and mask and snorkel for a swim at lunch time if wanted.
Main areas for transfers are Patong, Karon, Kata, Chalong. Extra transfer prices are a case by case and will be notified by enquiry reply.

How To Pay?

No deposit is required unless specified in the boat information below.
Payment information will be on your confirmation email.

What do I do for you?

Once I receive your booking, I liaise with the Thai operator and secure the boat for the day. I will then notify you and make confirmation. I ask for your hotel or villa name so I can give the pickup time and advise if extra transfer cost is applicable.

I will then make final confirmation with the fishing charter operator of date, your name, pick up location, number of guests, pick up time, itinerary and any special instructions.

After your arrival in Phuket and once you have checked into your room, I ask for your room number to be sent for the driver and we can make a final check. At this time, I will also check the weather forecast and discuss options if needed.

I then standby on the morning of your fishing trip for the rare case of a problem or delay and make sure you arrive onboard your boat without fuss.

I am in phone contact all day if a need arises.

What Do You Do?


Pick up is generally at 8.00 am and can be a little earlier for longer distances. The boats depart Chalong Pier between 8.30 and 9.00 am.
Your guide will meet you at the pier and request payment. Then he will escort you to your boat and depart.

The you head out through scenic Chalong Bay ( Ao Chalong) with a magnificent view of the Rawai and Chalong mountain hinterland. With a Muslim Temple on the shore and behind, the striking but calm presence of the Big Buddha makes a memorable picture.

For private charter boats, the itinerary is now up to you. The captain is happy to advise you or follow your wishes as long as he feels it is safe and practical.

Join On Day Trips

2,000 baht "P" Series boat with up to 8 fishing.
3,700 baht Wahoo4 with up to 6 fishing.

Program #1 fleet only, from 12,000 baht
Includessportsfishing trolling with 4 lines set and bottom fishing ( hand line )
Chalong past Koh lone, Coral Island, Koh Bon to Racha Yai area and return.

Program #2 All charter boats follow this program, from 16,000 baht. ( extra for fuel)
Includes sports fishing trolling with 4 lines set and bottom fishing ( hand line )
Chalong Pier out past Koh lone, Coral Island, Koh Bon to Racha Yai, Racha Noi and the Drop Off and return.
Stopping at various beautiful spots around the islands is fun for those wanting to mix some fishing and island hopping, exploring and swimming or snorkeling (excellent fish life to hand feed).